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Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd.
Advantages of Vertical Grain Lumber
Charlie Andersen, Owner

Charlie Andersen had owned Canadian Overseas, Canadian Pulp Chip and Northview Enterprises for almost 30 years before purchasing Andersen Pacific Forest Products.

He purchased the partially completed mill in 1993 from a bankruptcy court. In 1994, Mitsui & Co. Ltd. and Mitsui & Co. (Canada) Ltd. acquired a minority position in APFP—which Mr. Andersen re-purchased in 1999. One of his life long dreams had been to own a manufacturing facility and with all of his knowledge and experience in the log and lumber industry, APFP was the perfect fit.

Carl Huber, Mill Manager

Carl grew up in the interior of BC where his dad was a logger and sawmill owner. As a kid, he would shovel sawdust from under the head rig and pile lumber on the green chain after school and on weekends. Carl knew the different species and lumber grading characteristics by the time he was 15.

After graduation, Carl worked for a sawmill in Mission for 12 years before joining Andersen Pacific Forest Products from the day we began operations in 1993. He started off operating the forklift, barker, pulling on the green chain and whatever other position he could assist with. Carl was promoted to Mill Manager in 2003 and enjoys working at APFP and servicing our various customers.

Peter Gray, Mill Production Manager

Peter has been with APFP since 1992 as the head sawyer, custom cutting mainly Temple, Hafu and post and beams for Japan. He became the Mill Production Manager in 2006. Peter has been in sawmilling since 1983 and holds both grading and scaling tickets. Peter is actively involved in the community and local sports.

Sam Satosono, Marketing Co-ordinator

Sam has been in the lumber industry since 1994; he worked for a Japanese trading company before joining Andersen Pacific in 2003. Sam works with all species but specializes in Cypress, Sitka Spruce, White Spruce, Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. He deals with quality control and supervises the cut specifications. Sam is fluent in both English and Japanese.

Rod Nipius, Sawmill Foreman

Rod started his sawmilling career in 1979, working for Interfor until joining Andersen Pacific in 1993. Rod started as a sawyer with us and has since been promoted to sawmill supervisor.

Rod has proficient knowledge of sawmill maintenance & mechanics, and is very "hands on" with respect to this aspect of the mill.