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Andersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd.
Mill Description
  • Hi-grade sawmill
  • Headrig plus two pony breakdown rigs
  • Flexible sawing styles: conventional North American, or quarter sawing for maximum vertical grain recovery
  • Inside-out sawing -- sawyer sees the worst face before deciding next sawline
  • Optimized log bucking on paved sawmill yard
  • Capability to blend logs of various grades at mill infeed
  • Variety of species -- yellow cedar, spruce, red cedar, Douglas-fir, hemlock, balsam
  • Equipment operators with "hands-on, close-in" viewing
  • Superb sawfiling, stellite tips, thin kerf and optimum feed rates
  • Customer access to key operators and lumber graders
  • Timbers and cants to 12 meter lengths
  • Full crew briefings each shift; focus on customer needs
  • Special customer sorts and grades accommodated
  • Specialized lumber and cant tallying and packaging